Monday, February 26, 2007

Mon dieu!

Apparantly being in france does not make me immune from the usual technical nightmares that beset me at home.. My lovely little laptop takes half an hour - that's REALLY half an hour to boot up (consequently, I'm NEVER going to switch it off), also its typically incompatible with the hotel internet service; not to be put off from posting to the blog - I used the stupid tv internet servic, posted and to my delight only the title showed up and it lost the rest. So I gave up when ali dragged me kicking and screaming for lunch and coffee on the beach.. (ali has the photographic evidence so you'll have to wait).

Annnyway, I could ramble on about gin (liz's free gin challenge), views (its jolly nice here), food (yum), work (?) but I've hijacked a machine in the speaker ready room and I'm getting pressure to get off and let people do some real work. I'm off to hound my Mr Backpack now, wish me luck..


Neil said...

I would have thought that if you were going to go to the effort of posting the first blog you could at least ensure that the first word was spelled correctly.

Brian said...

It's not actually the first post I don't think. Sorry to hear about your laptop troubles. Go get Thomas and make him rebuild Backpack so 3.0 works for those students.

smodge said...

Neil, you should come and work for the lti, such pedantry would go un-noticed..

Brian, Thomas is on the case, I'm pleased to report at this stage though that IT'S NOT MY FAULT! Hooray!

Louise said...

Hi -speaking of pedantry - that sounds like my cue....any plans to send around the url for the blog or is it just for special friends??

Neil said...

Hi I'm Troy McPedant! You may remember me from such public information films as "Online Thesaurus: There's More Than One Way To Exuviate A Feline" and "Dial 'M' for a Collective Noun of Crows".

Anyway Brian - you're quite right: it wasn't the first blog - I noticed that as soon as I had posted my comment, by which time it was too late to edit my idiotic rambling. Why?! Why had the gods forsaken me?!

Anyone else noticed, however, that on this comments page, the first comment remains at the top, whilst all subsequent comments are stacked up underneath? Creme de Menthe!

Brian said...

Helen, I think it could still be your fault in some way, so I'm not letting you off the hook yet.

Does Neil win the librarian award?

I think Helen L had to drag the URL away from them. So it is just for special friends right now. I sent it on to Mary.

Louise said...

what I'm wondering is what made you think that a SHU laptop would work outside the university in the first place? are you new? they never work... sometimes you can disable the oddessy client and let windows sort it out but it depends on admin blah blah.. it is like a sick IT joke - we know you are going to carry this a really long way, so we are going to make sure it doesn't work at the other end. We could start a victim support group?

Eulalie said...

You write very well.