Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Feeling appreciated

We went to the client appreciation event last night. We were entertained by ladies playing electric violins.


We got glowsticks and masks...


Liz chatted up Michael Chasen (Bb CEO) and we have video evidence of Liz dancing with (and scaring) Mr Chasen. We will save that for later.


By the end of the night, we were feeling very appreciated.



Louise said...

gosh Liz - you really are small aren't wonder MC enjoyed having his picture taken with you, he must have felt very very tall

please tell me you didn't throw your drink on him...

stu said...

What's with all the masks and beads? Looks like some kind of 'masked ball' or delayed mardi gras.

smodge said...

It was all work you know.. evaluation of our appreciation of cheap plastic tat.. or something

Andrew Middleton said...

Here we have evidence of chatting up as in 'Chatting UP'.

gs said...

well i'd really bloody well struggle to chat anyone down, wouldn't i? yours, shortly, gs.

(i guess that once and for all answers andrews "who's who?" question, then...)