Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Louise, the star of the show

We feel that we are being watched...

From the moment we registered,

Louise Thorpe

to the first keynote by Michael and Jessica,


and pretty much everywhere when we're in the exhibition hall...



Louise said...

Well it is such a great honour....I would like to thank my team, my family.. but of course it is not about me it is all the tireless hours everyone puts in to...blah, blah, blah

Note to self (and anyone else) - if Bb ever ask for a photo saying that they "want to use it in some marketing materials, like the little postcards we had on the stand at Educause" - ask them to clarify just how big they expect those postcards to be:-)

Andrew Middleton said...

Can you bring one of those big signs back please?

gs said...

we have lots of photos of the big signs, if that helps? of course, we'd need to cut the top right hand corners off before displaying them at SHU.