Wednesday, February 28, 2007

le keynote numero 3

just to prove that we are going to sessions, and not just making short people feel good about themselves by being shorter than them...

this morning's keynote was by Serge Goldstein (Princeton) who talked about their use of Bb, and the evolution from Course Management System (CMS) through Learning Management System (LMS) to Academic Management System (yes, you've guessed it, AMS). it was an interesting talk, and it made everyone very jealous - they have a faculty:student ratio of 1:4.5...and their professors teach only one course per semester.

one thing that was quite interesting was that they use Bb to deliver tests to languages students before they start, so they can place them in the correct level class when they begin. this also has the benefit, i guess, of getting new students accustomed to the Bb system before they start.

picture to follow later...

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