Friday, March 2, 2007

Zut alors!

I've been duped.. the session outline says its "Blackboard: Pedagogical stimulus or creativity reductor?", except the slides clearly say web CT.. and the presenter has just confessed its got nothing to do with Blackboard. oh dear.. the door is shut and I'm too polite to leave as there are only about 5 of us here. .

After a painful 50 minutes of little sense, a kindly man summed up what this poor deluded woman was trying to say in a question at the end - basically that it's alright to run Web CT alongside Moodle in an institution, as using only one can inhibit creativity in course planning. Highlight of the session: something about bugs revolting students in the year 2000. I have no idea what she really meant, but got 2 minutes entertainment trying to work it out.oh, and I learned that the Sorbonne has a strong reputation for languages. Disappointed to say the least.

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