Friday, March 2, 2007

BBE07 here are your best bits..

Well I'm afraid I've been less than enamoured by the presentations this conference. Poor choices and bad luck on my part or indicative of poor content? Maybe a bit of both. The keynotes however, were excellent, insightful and thought provoking, Bruno's command of graphs in PowerPoint was spectacular - if a little enthusiastic, it was fascinating to hear about learning from an economical perspective, it gave me food for thought. I'd happily listen to it all again.
Serge Goldstein from Princeton was fab, he showed us how the other half lived (free massages for all on campus apparently).

For me the real highlight was being able to touch base with Thomas C of Agilix, learn more about plans and future direction for Backpack - my presentation was a high point in that all present took something constructive away from it. Also spending time with Peter Shipley getting a product round-up of all things Learning Objects , Expo is shaping up nicely (at last) - Mr Wimba also collared me (after initially hassling HR of Strathclyde about Horizon products at SHU). She concluded that I am more famous than her as no-body hassled me about them.

Best bits
Key notes - economics doesn't have to be dull!
Me being best in show (I think this is just about milked now.. I'll let it go now)
Opportunity to immerse in all things Blackboard once again, content might have been poor, but the surrounding bits (and no - I don't mean the drink) made up for it in spades.

Worst bits

Lack of apparent quality presentations and stands (same old same old)
Consistent tonsillitis - still I couldn't drink enough to get a hangover, so that was good!
Web CT contingent kind of dragging the quality down
Laptop not providing me with the connectivity I needed, no wifi on site, work laptop plus hotel connection incompatible (quell (sp) suprise!)

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